Another New Natural Herbal Remedy

Another new natural herbal remedy! An African tribe, Zulus, has been using it for hundreds of years for colds and flu and is particularly effective at cutting phlegm. Made from the Kaloba flower, a geranium plant can stop coughs and sneezes. Used in Germany since 1983 but just recently been passed for sale in Britain. The manufacture claims it can activate the bodys anti-viral defenses which is the immune system.

Of course, the manufacture has not proven it is effective just that it is safe to use. Read the whole story here. Please, please, please people, research these types of claims before you go out and buy them and use them. What else has the manufacture put in the drops and tablet? Are the drops pure? Are they made the same way the Zulus have made it for generations? What have they put in the tablets? Just because they claim to be safe does not mean they are! There are many chemical compounds in any plant that the body will utilize when using any natural herbal remedy. Beware that your body may react to any of those compounds. Just as with an allergy, such as strawberry, tomatoes, onions, hay, or different tree pollens, the body will react to any of the chemical compounds.

However it is my opinion that the body needs all the chemical compounds in these herbs, plants or trees. Just be careful of the claim manufacture put on herbal remedies. Every body is different in how it reacts to any chemical compound. Better yetmake your own natural herbal remedy. If you dont want to grow your own medical plants there are many bulk herb companies that you can buy the medical plant ready to be made into herbal remedies. If you dont want to make your own herbal remedies then you can buy tinctures and teas but get them from somebody who deals with medical herbs all the time. I could go on about man-made chemical and what they do to your body but it would just be repeating what all other herbalist say. Be safemake your own natural herbal remedies.

A great book that covers all medically useful natural herbal remedies. Dr. Dukes no-nonsense information provides excellent advice on the recipe, uses and dangers of each herbal preparation. I use this book all the time in my research of medical herbal remedies. You might find it useful.