Ear Candling for Earwax Buildup

As people are learning more about healing themselves, they are seeking alternative remedies outside of their doctor’s office; one way that is being sought is ear candling for earwax buildup. Ear candling is increasing in popularity for a holistic remedy to getting rid of earwax buildup.

So what exactly is ear candling and how does it help earwax buildup?  Ear candling, is a holistic measure dating back to ancient Egypt that is said to remove earwax buildup and clear up other forms of ear debris. A special hollow candle, sometimes containing herbs and or essential oils to further promote healing, and usually labeled specifically for ear candling is used to candle the ear with.

Next the person with the ear ailment lies down on the side opposite the afflicted ear. The person doing the ear candling lights the candle and places the candle into the ear, lit side up, this creates a vacuum. This vacuum is what draws the earwax buildup from the ear. As more wax is removed from the ear, the flame sometimes grows, and this is a sign that a deep cleansing and removal of earwax buildup is taking place.

Other things within the ear are also pulled out by the vacuum created by the candle, so if there is anything else in there that may have impacted the earwax buildup that will be pulled out. Also if there as infection such as candida that can be causing the earwax buildup, that will be relieved too. So all in all, as you can see there are many benefits to ear candling for earwax buildup.

So why is ear candling chosen over other methods of removing earwax buildup? Ear candling is chosen because ear candling can be done at home (even though this is not advised), is relatively less expensive compared to a visit to the doctor’s office plus the cost of medication, is not painful and can be used of persons of all ages.

Ear candling is also a preferred treatment, because it is said to remove very excessive earwax buildup as well as deeply impacted earwax buildup that may otherwise be hard to remove in a doctor’s office setting.

Ear candling sometimes also has an added benefit of clearing the sinuses. However with that said, ear candling is not recommended for those with a perforated ear drum or any other ear damage that is suffering from earwax buildup. Also remember that even though ear candling for earwax buildup is a rising method of home treatment, it is not meant to replace care if needed by your health care provider.