The Importance of Sleep: What Everyone Should Know

We tend to think that our lack of sleep affects only us but the National Highway Safety Administration would disagree and argue this point until infinity. Thats because falling asleep while driving is responsible for at least 100,000 crashes each year. Looking at it more critically, we would find that about 71,000 injuries and 1550 deaths each year in the U.S. are due to a sleepy driver. Up to 4% of crashes in rural areas are due to sleepiness and 4 out of every 100 are fatal.

These statistics tell us that theres a lot of pain, suffering, grief, and wasted lives just because someone couldnt get a good night of sleep.

But its also a wake up call to all of us that our sleep habits affect not only our own lives but the lives of others. And if you delve a little deeper into sleep habits, you would find that the importance of sleep is evident in our lives because it is essential for us to make good decisions.

The Importance of Sleep is Connected to Drug Use

Not getting enough sleep as a young teenager makes boys twice as likely to grab drugs, tobacco or alcohol later in life, according to the University of Michigan Health System researchers. Using these substances is a bad decision no matter which way you look at it.

The Importance of Sleep – Related to Money Matters

In another study, volunteers performed computer tasks. During the computer work, they could stop to take a paycheck or temporarily waive the paycheck and earn more. There was a condition, though. If they waived the paycheck and wanted to earn more and their work was incomplete or missed a deadline, they would get no payment. Researchers found that if the volunteers were sleepy, their work was incomplete and they often missed a deadline. They risked a paycheck when it was obvious that the deadline would not be met. The researchers established the importance of sleep in decision making about money matters.

Time to Evaluate Your Sleep Habits

A good night of sleep is dependent on drugs for many people, but this does not have to be the case. To get a good night of sleep, rearranging the activities of the day is the first step. What sleep habits do you have? Do you stay up late at night and then find it difficult to wake up in the morning? Do you drink caffeinated beverages such as coffee, Cola drinks, tea and Mountain Dew? Do you eat a lot of chocolate, which contains caffeine? These are some of the areas where it is important to set boundaries and by doing so, you can change your sleep patterns.

Another area to consider is diet; to have sound sleep, you need nutrients. Calcium deficiency and magnesium deficiency both will cause restlessness and the inability to sleep. Taking your vitamins right before bed, especially the B vitamins, will activate your mind and cause you to be too alert as you lie down to sleep. These two issues are sleep mistakes which can cost you hours of mental fog, lack of concentration, and in the worst case, affect other peoples lives negatively. Its a hard way to discover the importance of sleep.

Medicinal Herbs to the Rescue

Medicinal herbs may be able to help as they are used in 80% of the world to treat sleep disorders. Medicinal herbs contain different natural chemicals that relax the nervous system and remove the hyperirritability that may contribute to lack of sleep. Medicinal herbs can increase the total amount of sleep you have while increasing the time you spend in deep sleep. For example, jujube, one of hundreds of Chinese medicinal herbs, is often used to treat insomnia found in cancer patients. It possesses sleep-inducing properties. There are no side effects from many medicinal herbs used to treat insomnia.

Taking drugs for alleviating sleep disorders is learning the importance of sleep the hard way. By considering medicinal herbs, you open up to a better way of solving the issue. Read more about medicinal herbs and then make an educated decision.